Respiratory Protection Program

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Welcome to Advanced First Aid & CPR Training online orientation for N95 Disposable Respirator. My name is Bruce and I will be your instructor for the orientation. Should you have any questions or issues you can reach me at 306-220-0854. This orientation will cover the following topics: Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, Respiratory Protection Program, N95 Respirators as well as the actual fit test process. The orientation will take about one hour to complete and you can log in and out as needed. There will be a short quiz at the end of this orientation.


3. N95 Respirator

This section covers what a respirator is, what they will protect you against, as well as what the N95 disposable is recommended for. You will also learn the different types of respirators available.

4. The Actual Fit Test Process

This section is very important, so please pay attention. In this section you will learn how you can prepare yourself for the fit test. There will be specific instructions that you need to be aware of, so as I mentioned please pay attention.

5. Conlusion

In Conclusion Call 306-220-0854 to schedule your fit test or if you have any questions regarding medical standing